Our goal when servicing your team and individual photos is to offer flexible, affordable choices, deliver state-of-the-art, high quality products, provide exceptional service and quick turnaround.  We want your picture day to be smooth, fast, and efficient--hassle-free!

Why Capture it Now?

  • We are a full service digital photography business--we combine technology and photography for maximum efficiency.
  • Custom graphics – we design new products for each sport season and incorporate your organization’s logo into our products.
  • Choice – we offer several flexible product offerings with multiple add-on options including a contemporary style, cutting edge design trading card featuring your organization’s logo.
  • We readily accommodate buddy or family shot requests in addition to or in replacement of the individual player’s photo.
  • Competitive prices
  • Dedicated to delivering high quality products with exceptional service.
  • Quick turnaround--our goal is to have the pictures delivered to the teams within two weeks from the night the picture is taken.
  • Organized and efficient--we'll do what it takes to make picture night smooth, fast, and efficient. 
  • Professional and courteous staff

What's in it for your organization?

  • 10% of net proceeds donated back to host organization.
  • If desired, complimentary 5x7 team photo for each coach.  (Depends on pricing structure agreed upon.)
  • We are happy to provide image files for the local newspaper and organization’s website for team recognition and club promotion.

Picture Night Process and Set-Up…

  • 15 minutes planned/scheduled for each team.
  • We provide multiple photography teams depending on the number of kids being photographed.  Each photography team consists of the following:  a photographer, a stager – gathers and organizes each team at designated time, straightens (tuck in shirts, position caps, etc.) and poses each individual and then the group, and an order collector – makes sure order forms are completed correctly and collects payment.
  • After picture night, the orders are compiled and image files are sent to a lab for printing.
  • Pictures will be distributed to teams no longer than two weeks after the picture night.

What we need from you…

  • Scheduling - Need team rosters/field assignments for season play to determine picture night scheduling.
  • Decide on trading card offering – we will include a stock sample card stapled to each order form.
  • Provide organization logo/artwork for trading card.
  • We’ll provide order forms for each team and the picture date/time to be distributed to players prior to picture night.  Ideally, this can be done at a coaches meeting that takes place prior to the season start date.

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